samaboutThe Pig is a barbecue restaurant off Weaver Dairy Road in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that features whole-hog barbecue made with local, pasture-raised, antibiotic and hormone free pork. We believe in using the whole pig, so in addition to barbecue our menu features everything from house-made hotdogs and bologna to Vietnamese Pork Cheek. We also offer vegetarian options, including country-fried tofu and BBQ tempeh.

The barbecue pit at The Pig is tended by Chef/Owner Sam Suchoff. Sam graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in mathematics, but quickly gave up a desk job as a statistical research associate to pursue his passion for cooking. Before opening The Pig in 2010, Sam worked at a series of acclaimed local eateries, including Open Eye Cafe, Lantern, Neal’s Deli, and the Barbecue Joint.

We are proud to source all our pigs directly from local, pasture-based farmers with the NC Natural Hog Grower’s Association, bringing the highest quality local pork and regional flavors to your plate.

Look for our line of premium meats at grocery stores, markets, and restaurants throughout the region.